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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is our first post. And we will now start blogging!

Welcome to Essence Beads, we are proud to launch this new website, where we have listened to customers input and tried to put together yet another great shopping experience, bare in mind there is still a lot of work to be done, and slowly we are implementing it. But the main core of the site is available and customers are already flocking in to purchase there favorite beads for there beading projects. We do not offer or carry the famous party beads for the parades but we know who does and we are fine with sharing that information. We do have a very extensive selection of gemstone beads while sometimes the web does not bring justice to the quality of this product, if you are in town, please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at 6914 W. Waters Av. Tampa, Fl33634.

We offer alphabet beads which are use to make bracelets for mom, grandpa, kids and know even dad’s are starting to wear them. Different Size and different shapes for your appreciation. Essence Beads is a huge store and has been said to be one of the nicest around. We offers discount beads at most anytime you visit and shop with us, there is always on sale or being promoted for your beading frenzy. We also carry a large selection of silver beads you can find just about anything. And if you don’t ask for our informed staff to show you the additional items that can be ordered based on your request or need. We have several different manufacturer catalogs that are available only in our showroom.

Blue Moon Beads are in stock in our showroom and on the web for your appreciation.

We also offer bead jewelry , meaning if you so wish there are pieces in our showroom that may be purchased but we also offer classes were you can sit down and learn how to make your own things. Try it you will not regret one bit. You will make your own pieces and will end up selling to friends and family and other whom you come in contact with.